The Upside of Her Hell

April 16 - May 14th, 2017
Hayley Barker, Amy Bessone, Vanessa Conte,
Daniel Gibson, Namio Harukawa,
Joshua Miller, and Eva Sealove

One child grows up to be
Somebody that just loves to learn
And another child grows up to be
Somebody you'd just love to burn
Mom loves the both of them
You see it's in the blood
Both kids are good to Mom
"Blood's thicker than mud" 
It's a family affair…

Keep, keep it together

Keep, keep it together
Keep people together forever and ever


This exhibition is on view from Sunday, April 16th 2017 until Sunday, May 14th 2017. An opening reception will be held on Sunday from 2pm to 6pm at 9755 Yoakum Drive.  The opening will also host the release of Hayley Barker’s “Vintage Self-Help”, a book of short essays.


Open hours will be on Sundays from 10am - 4pm, and by appointment.

9755 Yoakum Dr. Beverly Hills, CA, 90210